Department of Children and Families

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Department of Children and Families (DCF)

The Department of Children and Families feels every child is entitled to a home that is free from abuse and neglect. DCF’s vision is to ensure the safety of children in a manner that holds the best hope of nurturing a sustained, resilient network of relationships to support the child’s growth and development into adulthood. DCF’s Core Values are the anchors that ground their practice. DCF is committed to making these values more than words on paper. By strengthening the links between the Department, families and communities, DCF will move closer to service delivery systems that reflect the core values of being child-driven, family-centered, community-focused, strength-based, and committed to diversity, cultural competence, and continuous learning.


Location: 3 Ferry Street, Bradford, MA 01835

Phone: 978.469.8800   fax: 469-8990

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About the Department of Children & Families


Mission Statement

The Department of Children and Families is charged with protecting children from abuse and neglect and strengthening families. There are currently more than 8,000 children in foster care across Massachusetts and more than 40,000 children in all served by the Department.

Core Agency Mandate

The agency's core mandate is to strengthen families, where child abuse or neglect has occurred.

Priority Population

DCF supports children ages 0 - 18 and 18 - 21 previously involved with DCF. 85% of all children receiving DCF services remain in their home.

Priority Objectives

Safely stabilizing and preserving families; safely reunifying families; and safely creating new families (through kinship, guardianship and adoption).

Programs and Services

  • Adolescent Services
  • Adoption/Guardianship
  • Domestic Violence
  • Foster Care
  • Housing Stabilization
  • Family Support & Stabilization
  • Out of Home Placements

Organizational Structure

DCF has 4 regional offices and 29 area offices across the Commonwealth. There is one central office located in Boston that provides support to the field offices.

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