Holiday Outreaches

November 4, 2016

Exciting events are around the corner! Volunteers needed for the Somebody Cares Holiday Outreaches! Here is a snap shot of the upcoming events, but please visit our events page for more details! 

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

11/3/16   1:30pm Truck unload (restocking pantry)
11/14/16 7pm-9pm Food Pantry Prep
11/17/16 8:30am-6pm Food Pantry Prep/Distribution/Break-Down
12/1/16 1:30pm Truck unload (restocking pantry)
12/9/16 8am-4pm Truck Unload, Sorting & Christmas Gift Distribution
12/10/16 8am-4pm Sorting & Christmas Blessing Distribution
12/12/16 7pm-9pm Food Pantry Prep
12/15/16 8:30am-5:30pm Food Pantry Prep/Distribution/Break-Down
1/5/17 1:30pm Truck unload (restocking pantry)
1/12/17 1:30pm Truck unload (restocking pantry)