about us

It is not our desire to duplicate the services currently being provided by churches or city organizations, but rather compliment and bridge services.
Presently SCNE:

  • Provides groceries and household goods to those in need at our end of month food pantry distribution
  • Provides groceries to the elderly through our mobile food pantry twice a month
  • Provides emergency food relief throughout the month to those in need
  • Distributes tractor trailer trucks of household goods and groceries, in collaboration with Compassion Coalition and area organizations
  • Operates a youth center to help meet the needs of the youth in our city between the ages of 7-18.
  • Hosts community paint nights free of charge; thereby removing the financial blockade which has hindered some from experiencing the arts.
  • Hosts community forums to help educate the community and create relational nets amongst agencies working with those in distress
  • Hosts community block parties to bless the city
  • Hosts a basketball and creative arts camp for low income youth during the summer
  • Collaborates with other organizations within the city to support their efforts as they help those living in distress