December 2007
Former Harlem Globe Trotter
Melvin Adams
Melvin Adams by far is one of the most effective, humorous, powerful comunicators in our nation today.  He speaks in schools, prisons, youth organizations, churches and has been a guest on several television shows.
The message Melvin brings is one of hope for a better future that holds great destiny for young and old alike. As a young man Melvin had no hope of a future in basketball as a 5' 10" fatherless youth from generations of poverty. He stood alone in the hope and lived out his dream playing college basketball, professional ball and then played for the Harlem Globe Trotters.
Melvin will be speaking in the Merrimack Valley Area on  Friday, Saturday and Sunday  February 1-3.  Please see the schedule below:
Friday February 1st   
10:00am  Haverhill High School assembly
Saturday February 2nd
12:00 noon Middleton House of Correction 
2:00pm  Lawrence Correctional Alternative Center
4:00 Haverhill YMCA Basketball Camp
Sunday February 3rd
6:00 pm Super Bowl Sunday Outreach half time speaker (open to public)
 @ CCF Street Church 26 White St. Haverhill, MA.
In addition, he will be interviewed on the Somebody Cares TV show.  Please check the Haverhill Cable Access Cable listing for dates and times.
~If you are interested in sending a donation to help sponsor the prison or youth outreach, please do so by clicking below.  Thanks!~
November 2007
Haverhill House of Prayer--Launched!
Haverhill House of Prayer dedication located at 19 Franklin St.
Guest Jeff Marks of the New England Concerts of Prayer
Every city was established with a purpose and a destiny to fulfill.
The city of Haverhill/Bradford, Massachusetts once impacted the nation and the nations of the world, we have a rich heritage.
The American Board of Missions was founded here in Bradford and the monument is located on the Bradford Common where the first missionaries, Adonirim Judson and his wife Ann (Hasseltine) were commisioned and sent out from Salem, Mass. for Burma, India.
Ann Haseltine's father was one of the founding members of the Bradford New England school for girls.  The school evolved from a middle school for girls into a liberal arts college that attracted students from all over the world. In the later years until it's closing in 2000 it had become a place of liberal humanism. But God's intended destiny is being restored through prayer.  On  September 17, 2007 the property was purchased by a billionaire and donated to Zion Bible College which will be moving to the campus for fall classes 2008.
During the season of the school being known for sending missionaries and training students  for the ministry over 400 of the women married  pastors and 40 were sent as missionaries to the uttermost. (quote from Jean S. Poore, Bradford a New England School)
Haverhill once led the nation in the industry of shoes and had the highest rate of millionaires per capita in the nation. We were known as a people that fought against injustice. From 143 Winter St. property Susan B. Anthony, John Adams and others collected signatures for a petition opposing the slavery act.  The news paper headlines...."Haverhill impacts the Nation"
It is time for the body of Christ in the city of Haverhill to humble themselves and come together in one place, in one accord and seek for the restoration of our destiny.  Haverhill will once again be a city that impacts the nations!
The House of Prayer is for the body of Christ which is found in ALL denominations who profess that Jesus Christ is Lord.
Please come and join us as we dedicate the 19 Franklin St. space and make ourselves available to pray and seek the Lord for our city,  families, schools, government, churches as well as the state and nation.

August 2007
CERT Training
Community Emergency Response Team Training
registration deadline September 7, 2007
CERT Training~
Want to get involved in your community?  Local training is taking place!
10 weeks beginning September 8, 2007
From 9:30 am until 12:00 pm
Northern Essex Community College
The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program educates people about disaster preparedness for hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Using the training learned in the classroom and during exercises, CERT members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace following an event when professional responders are not immediately available to help. CERT members also are encouraged to support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community.
This 10 week course will be held
          Saturdays  9:30am-12:00pm
          September 8 through November 17 th 
Missed classes can be made up on line
Northern Essex Community College
100 Elliot St. Building C room 114
Haverhill, MA
Registration Cost:  Free!!
All registrations must be received by September 7th
Contact the Somebody Cares New England office
with any questions: 978 377 0447
July 2007
July 25-29 Bless the City Outreach
We are always amazed at the ways that God provides for the summer outreach. At the block party there were over a thousand people that were served a meal, hundreds of prizes and a tractor trailer of product given away.  Plus there were over 150 volunteers that served above and beyond the call of duty.
There were over 11 churches represented that donated and served for the week
           Advent Christian Church- Haverhill, Mass.
           River of Life- Ward Hill, Mass.
           Community Christian Fellowship- Lowell, Mass.
           The Rockingham Church- Plaistow, N.H.
           Saint Matthews Methodist Church -Sandown, N.H.
           Hope Community Church-Newburyport, Mass.
           The Bridge- Framingham, Mass.
           Child Evangelism Fellowship
           CCF Street Church- Haverhill, Mass.
           Community Solutions- Baltimore, MD.
           Lamar- rap artist- Lowell, Mass.
           Trinity Episcopal Church, Haverhill, Mass.
            and 12 business' that provided finacially or with resources
           Multi State Morgage Co.-Groveland, Mass.
           Rich's Tree Service- Salem, N.H.
           Concrete with a Heart- Plaistow, N.H.
           Fantini Bakery- Haverhill, Mass.
           Pepsi Cola-Ward Hill, Mass.
           United Way Merrimack Valley- Lowell, Mass.
           J and J Ponies- Groveland, Mass.
           Jump for Joy- Haverhill, Mass.
           Paisley Farm and Greenhouse- Boxford, Mass.
           Biggart's Ice Cream- Haverhill, Mass.
           The Bicycle Shop- Topsfield, Mass.
           Riverside Cycles- Newburyport, Mass.
           YMCA- Haverhill, Mass.
In addition on Thursday at our 143 Winter St. location we gave away tons of furniture, clothing, housewares and micellaneous products for free and served over 400 lunch
It takes an army of committed, dedicated people who are passionate about "Blessing the City". 
                         A SPECIAL Thank  You
  To all the  adults and young people from CCF Lowell  and CCF Street Church youth ministry who made a HUGE sacrifice to serve and work to make it all happen!! Couldn't have done it without YOU!!!
March 2007
Dr. Doug Stringer
Visits New England
Dr. Doug Stringer will be visiting the New England Area May 11th through May 13th.  Mark your calender for the dates listed below.

On May 11th at 6:30 PM, Dr. Doug Stringer will be speaking on "Perservering Leadership".  This event will be hosted by Pastor Clayton Reed and the River of Life Church in Ward Hill. (www.myriveroflife.org).

For directions to this event, please click here!
On May 12th 10:00 AM, Dr. Doug Stringer will be speaking at a meeting of the  Massachusetts Prayer Network.  The meeting will be hosted by Pastor Raffoul Najem at Community Christian Fellowship in Lowell. (www.calledoutsentout.com). 

For more information on the Massachusetts Prayer Network you can visit their website at www.massprayer.net.

On May 13th at 10:00 AM, Dr. Doug Stringer will be ministering at the 10:00 am service Community Christian Fellowship, www.calledoutsentout.com (CCF Lowell).  CCF  is located at 105 Princeton in Lowell.  For directions to CCF Lowell, please click the link below.
On May 13th at 3:00 PM, Dr. Doug Stringer will be ministering at CCF Street Church in Haverhill.  (www.ccfstreetchurch.org)
If you would like more information on Dr. Stringer, feel free to visit his websites listed below.  You can click on Dr. Stringer's picture above to view his bio.

 September 2007
Zion Bible College Moving Into Town!
Answered Prayer!
Since the closing of Bradford College in the year 2000, there have been many people throughout the U.S. praying that God would restore to Bradford College the original destiny God intended for it.   Not only have local groups and individuals prayer walked this campus, but those from around the nation have as well, including Dr. Doug Stringer, Lou Engle, John Paul Jackson, Rolland Baker and Bob Weiner.
In 1803 when the school initially opened as Bradford Academy, it was a higher education school for women, training it's students up for the ministry and missions.  In fact, Bradford Common was the location of the first group of missionaries that were commissioned and sent out from the US to other nations.
With the amazing acquisition of Bradford College by Zion Bible College, truly God is in the process of restoring His plan and purpose for this area.
Please read the article below taken from the Eagle Tribune.

Billionaire: Bradford College sale a 'done deal'

By Jason Tait , Staff Writer
Published Sept. 20, 2007
HAVERHILL - The Oklahoma billionaire and evangelical Christian who is financing the purchase of the Bradford College campus calls it a "done deal" that will be finalized in the next few days.

The benefactor, David Green, 65, is buying the shuttered Bradford campus for Zion Bible College because he likes to support religious causes, he said yesterday in a telephone interview with The Eagle-Tribune.
Green has never seen the campus nor visited Zion, which is in Barrington, R.I., but he said he likes its ministries. Zion trains ministers, missionaries and teachers for the Assemblies of God denomination, to which Green belongs.

"We looked into it and decided it would fit into what we would like to do," Green said.

The deal will be finalized in the coming days with the Bradford College campus owners, Angelo Gordon & Co. of New York, he said.

Bradford College closed seven years ago because of financial problems, and its owners had, until now, unsuccessfully searched for an educational institution to fill the space. Intent on finally selling the property, Angelo Gordon & Co. scheduled a sealed-bid auction for last Tuesday, but Zion intervened.

Upfront money was paid to Angelo Gordon & Co. to cancel the sealed-bid auction, allowing Zion to purchase the property first, Green said.

Zion's interim president, Dr. Andrew Lafferty of Methuen, said a verbal agreement has been made, but there are loose ends that must be worked out. He said he is confident the Bradford campus will become Zion's new home.

"I believe Zion will have a positive influence on the community," Lafferty said. "They (students) are the type who will get out and help the community."

Green said he has been eyeing the 18-acre Bradford campus since last year when he was first approached for help by someone from the Assemblies of God headquarters in Springfield, Mo.

But problems with mold and other needed repairs on the aging Bradford campus caused the prospective buyers to walk away.

Green has since reversed course and decided to buy the campus, even with repairs that he estimates will cost $3 million to $5 million.

"Our intent is to get a crew in there and spend some money," Green said. "That's our goal, to have it operating by next fall."

He said he does not mind revealing the sale price, but he prefers that the amount be unveiled by Angelo Gordon & Co., which did not return calls for comment.

Green made his fortune as founder of The Hobby Lobby, a national chain of retail hobby stores headquartered in Oklahoma City. It has 390 stores in 32 states, but none in New England. Forbes magazine said Green is worth $2 billion and is among the nation's 400 richest people.

Hobby Lobby is involved in a variety of national and international ministry projects, Green said.

His donations have helped pay for several real estate purchases similar to the Bradford College sale, and he has paid to send Bibles to more than 120 million homes in Asian nations, he said.

Green said he often buys real estate for religious causes, such as the famous Mel Tillis Theatre in Branson, Mo., which he gave to a church group, or a large building for Liberty University in Virginia, the college founded by the late Jerry Falwell.

"This one here (Bradford College) piques my interest because it seems like it will be a neat Bible school," Green said.

One reason why Green decided to continue pursuing the deal was that city leaders, such as Mayor James Fiorentini, wanted to work with Zion to get the campus up and running, he said.

"The mayor there is going to help us," Green said. "We don't want any shortcuts. But cities can make it very difficult. Our feel is and sense is they are going to work with us there, and we are excited about that."

Zion has been trying to relocate for several years because it wants more space than it has in Rhode Island. It has about 250 students. Bradford College had 600 at its peak.