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Christmas Distribution 2020-Volunteer Sign-Up

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Personal Shopper (Help parent/guardian shop and provide directions)
Gift Wrapping
Stocking Stuffer Helper
Waiting Area-Serve refreshments to guests (socially distanced)
Display Artist (Keep gift displays looking lovely throughout the day)

In regards to donations, the major need is for gifts for teens: 13-18 years old. We anticipate providing gifts for well over 200 youth. We collaborate with Toys for Tots and they help provide gifts for the young ones, so the main need is providing gifts for the teens. Gift cards are great for them! (Walmart, Target, Game Stop, Amazon) But other things such as techy items, sports items, basketballs, footballs, skateboards, make-up, earrings are all wonderful items as well! If you are interested in collecting gifts from friends and co-workers on Somebody Cares behalf, that would be greatly appreciated! Please email our office to coordinate a drop-off time.

Thank you so much!!

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